Briefing: Hackers hit Chinese ride-hailing firm Yidao, demand large sums of bitcoin

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  易到用车服务器遭连续攻击:攻击者索要巨额比特币 – cnBeta

  What happened: Ride-hailing firm Yidao Yongche was the target of multiple cyber attacks over the weekend, the company said on Sunday, which caused its server to shut down and its core data to be encrypted. The attackers have demanded the company pay large sums of bitcoin as ransom, Yidao said in a post on microblogging platform Weibo. The company also said it had reported the attack to Beijing police.

  Why it’s important: The attack is the latest in a slew of incidents that have plagued Yidao. Just days ago, the company’s platform suffered from a system malfunction, which affected users’ account balances. Earlier this year, rumors of the firm’s bankruptcy and cash problems were widely circulated on Chinese media. Despite Chinese authorities having introduced more stringent regulations and punishment for cyber attacks, cyber threats still cripple many companies. A report by cybersecurity firm Carbon Black last year claimed that China was one of the leading sources of cyber attacks.